Customized Lawn
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Using Our Legacy to Maintain Your
Legacy One Cut at a Time

Legacy Lawn Care

Services we provide

Lawn Mowing

Enjoy a beautiful, hassle-free lawn tended by professionals! We have the equipment and expertise to manage any lawn size and configuration.


Legacy Lawn Care provides careful edging along your landscape boundaries to give your yard a polished and maintained look.

Bush Trimming

Our landscape experts know how to care for the bushes in your yard, trimming for the health of the plant and to be visually pleasing.

Tree Replacement

Our Colorado weather can cause havoc with tree growth. Legacy Lawn Care will remove and replace, 10 feet and under, dead or dying trees, with healthy replacements.

Weed Removal

Weeds can be the enemy of your landscaping and lawn! Legacy Lawn Care knows how to remove weeds while keeping your lawn and landscaping vibrant.

Fall Cleanup

Lawn debris and piles of fallen leaves can deteriorate your lawn. Legacy Lawn Care will clear up your yard and haul away the debris so your lawn can breathe.


Improve the health of your lawn with Legacy Lawn Care fertilizing! We will customize your lawn care based on your lawn’s grass type, soil quality, and local growing conditions.


Legacy Lawn Care provides one time and regular aeration services to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, lush lawn.

Sprinkler Blowout

Winterize your sprinkler system with a yearly scheduled blow-out. Legacy Lawn Care will ensure that your system is ready before the temperature drops.

Snow Removal

We can clear your driveway and walkways quickly and easily, making your walk to your vehicles and mailbox safer for you and your family.







About Legacy Lawn Care

Our Legacy to Yours

Alan Beasley was looking for a successful business that he could run with his son, Jailyn. He wanted to build a legacy of hard work and entrepreneurship coupled with exceptional service and quality work that he could leave to his family. In 2021, Alan purchased a successful lawn care business and Legacy Lawn Care was born. Together, Alan and Jailyn built upon the remarkable service of the previous business and won over the loyalty of its longtime customers.

Legacy Lawn Care is dedicated to the highest quality of lawn and landscape maintenance. Their experienced team of professionals deeply care about the work they do serving customers. Najavee, the office manager, has been with the business since it opened and is particularly skilled at communicating with customers and handling the day-to-day office operations. Daniel, the foreman for Legacy Lawn Care, has an eye for detail in lawn service work ensuring the best results every time. He is also responsible for training new employees to uphold the high standard of service required by Legacy Lawn Care.

Jailyn Beasley is not only an owner, but the main foreman for day-to-day operations in the field. His excitement over the opportunity to own and run a business has led him back to school. He is currently working to earn his business degree so he can better serve Legacy Lawn Care and its customers.

The Legacy Lawn Care team is building our legacy of quality service to ensure your home and its legacy gets the care it deserves!

The Highest Quality Service!

A Legacy of Dedicated Customer Care!

Customized Lawn Care You Can Trust!

Areas We Serve

Providing a Legacy of Lawn Care to Your Area

Legacy Lawn Care has four main service areas to assist you in your lawn maintenance needs.

Lakewood, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Golden, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado